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Hi folks,

Welcome to my site, a place for learning, discovery and possibly farting, depending on what I had for lunch.


It's all about the PRIMAL way of life, why we do it, how we do it, can you do it and all that jazz.


This site is for you, to help you get PRIMAL and therefore start your journey to a better place. Because that's what it is folks.......a journey.

There is no quick fix to health, no magic pill to make it all better, those beliefs are fundamentally flawed.


So....What's the plan Stan


Well, although this site is 100% about health and well-being, I have taken the unprecedented step of trying not to be a boring bugger about it, like many a folk I have come across in my quest for knowledge on the subject.


So, how am I going to achieve this?

Well, It is mainly going to be through the medium of'll see.


Well, why don't you see right now, stop mucking about and go to the video tab.


Click the pic, See you there......     





                                Primal Neil


PS.....The videos at the moment are promotion and basic education, to get you thinking about health in perhaps a different way to the current conventional wisdom, and maybe hire a Primal Health Coach, to help you get started.  


© 2018

Boring disclaimer.

I am not a doctor, I am a regular guy who has changed his life around, but of course, not having a medical degree, means that I cannot legally give medical advice, which I ain't, I am just telling you what I have learned on my personal journey far. OK, got it.

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