Well, where do you start?


I was born 7 lb 6 oz at 2.47 am on a Thursday back in 1970 in a little country right next to England called Wales. My parents saw I had a little dingly dangly thing, so out came the baby name book, they got drunk, ripped out a few pages, stuck them on the back of the living room door and threw darts at it for about an hour.


The dart of destiny landed on an ancient Gaelic name.....NEIL..........typical. 


Could not do much about all that of course, but now I can .........so I have changed to PRIMAL Neil.


And I think we will continue from this name change point because parts of my old lifestyle prior to this will be covered in various videos in the future. So no need to go babbling on and on here in writing.


Right then, even though you have hit the about me page, looking for more info on me. This site is really all about you........ 'The People' and how you can start your journey into better health, the PRIMAL way.


So stop looking into me and start looking into you.

Because that's where your journey starts. :) 


Be Happy, Be Healthy,

Live Long, Drop Dead.            Primal Neil

© 2018 Primalneil.com

Boring disclaimer.

I am not a doctor, I am a regular guy who has changed his life around, but of course, not having a medical degree, means that I cannot legally give medical advice, which I ain't, I am just telling you what I have learned on my personal journey .....so far. OK, got it.

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