The Progression from youth to middle age.

In my 20's

The ' I am going to live forever ' years.

Late Teens

Yep, drunk as a lord.

In my 20's, Walter started to show up

In my 30's

The ' Baseball cap ' years.



Left - Walter at a picnic.


Right - Neil breathing-in at the pool after realising that the missus is taking a cheeky photo.

In my early 40's

The ' I'm really starting to feel like shit ' years.

Old Neil NOT Primal Neil

The eyes say it all

 ' enough is enough'.

In my late 40's

Primal Neil & Walter Ego go public, for the cause.......

How to lose weight



Now in our late 40's

and feeling HAPPY







has changed our lives.

© 2018

Boring disclaimer.

I am not a doctor, I am a regular guy who has changed his life around, but of course, not having a medical degree, means that I cannot legally give medical advice, which I ain't, I am just telling you what I have learned on my personal journey far. OK, got it.

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